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Who Wants to go to Camp for FREE!?

(Campers you might want to skip this one, Parents TUNE IN!)

Who is ready to have their minds blown?! This year, if your child bring a friend to camp who has never been before, you will receive $100 off your child's registration! This is a great deal and its not something we have ever tried before but there are two good reasons why we think it will work.

1. No one likes to leave camp!

If you have been to camp on Saturday morning (graduation day) you have seen how close cabins sit together on the benches in fire circle, how their chants and introductions are full of inside jokes, and how hugs goodbye are rarely without teary eyes and a big smile. We know that no one wants to leave camp, staff included, and that they can not wait to come back the next week or the next summer! So if you can bring a friend or two we know there is a good chance they will keep coming back year after year after year.

2. You and your camper are the BEST storytellers their are!

Every single year we ask families how they heard about camp, and every single year families tell us WORD OF MOUTH. There is a reason for that, its because you and your camper are the very best at telling the story of Camp Jordan, and it is a really really good story. When your camper tells a peer about their time around the camp fire during village bonding, or the Thursday night dance they paint a picture we couldn't hope to recreate. When you tell your peers about how your child came back with newfound confidence, leadership skills, and brand new camp friends they trust you and what you value.

So as always our camp families are our very best and most important asset, and we want to thank you for that by rewarding you for spreading the word about camp. But I said FREE right? well for every new camper you bring your family will receive $100 off your registration, so if you bring two its $200 off, three its $300, and if you bring 6 brand new friends to camp you are sending a camper for free!

If you have any questions at all, or would just like to talk about camp this summer please give us a call, we are waiting for you out at Camp Jordan!

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