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Health Forms

Campers ARE NOT required to have a Physical Examination by a doctor to attend camp.

A Health History, all Immunization Information and (if needed for your child) an "Approval for Self Administered Emergency Medication Form" are required.  The links below will direct you to the pertinent web pages.  

  1. All campers are required to complete a Health History which is available online at the login portal where you registered your camper online.  Click here​​​​   *** If you are unable to complete the health history online, please contact the Camp Office at 207-944-4532 and a paper copy can be emailed to you.

  2. If your camper needs to carry an inhaler for asthma or an epipen for allergies, please fill out the "Approval for Self-Administered Emergency Medication Form"Cick here to download the form.  When completed, it can be uploaded through your online portal.  Click here​

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