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Camp Health Policies 

Camp Jordan Health Forms 

A Health History, including all Immunization Information and (if needed for your child) an "Approval for Self Administered Emergency Medication Form" are required to attend Camp Jordan.

  The links below will direct you to the pertinent web pages.  

  1. All campers are required to complete a Health History Form which is available online at the login portal where you registered your camper online.  Click here​​​​ 

  2. If your camper needs to carry an inhaler for asthma or an EpiPen for allergies, please fill out the "Approval for Self-Administered Emergency Medication Form"Cick here to download the form.  When completed, it can be uploaded through your online portal.  Click here​

Campers ARE NOT required to have a Physical Examination by a doctor to attend camp.

Parents will be Contacted

If a camper arrives to the Health Lodge and complains of the following a call home to parents/ guardians will be made.

  • Extended nausea or vomiting

  • Evidence of head lice

  • Head Injuries or suspected head injuries

  • Temp higher than 100.

  • Discussion or evidence of self harm

  • Sprains/ Fractures/ Broken Bones 

  • Is showing out of character behavior

  • Concerning/ persistent cuts, bumps, rashes

  • Any time a camper is in the health lodge for an extended amount of time.

  • Any time a transfer to a walk in clinic or emergency room is required based on our Standing Orders from our Physician.

Camp Health Policies 

Parents must complete the following health forms each year

  • Camp Health History Form- including full immunization history.

  • If your camper needs to carry medications such as an Asthma Inhaler or EpiPen, a Approval for Self Administer Emergency Medication Form must be completed and uploaded to your online portal. 


All medication must arrive to Camp Jordan on check in day in there original container (Medications in weekly pill containers can not be accepted).


Prescribed medication must be in its prescription bottle and over the counter medications must be in original packaging. 


  • Medications will be given based on the prescribed dosage on the prescription bottle. 

Campers must be responsible for showing up at the appropriate time to receive their medications and/or notify the health officers if they are not feeling well. 

Your personal health insurance is the insurance in effect while your child participating in Camp Jordan's programs.

All dental problems, including orthodontic appliances, are the parents' responsibility. 

If a Campers Illness or Injury incapacitates them for 24 hours or more, arrangements will be made for the Camper to return home or to the home of an emergency contact.

Communicable viruses including, but not limited to, strep, pink eye, COVID, noroviruses, etc. are sent home until cleared in accordance with Camp Jordan protocol issued under the guidance of our partnering physician. 

Refunds will not be given for illnesses or injuries that result in campers going home. 

Parents will be notified or serious accident or illness of their camper.

Camp Jordan has a physician who provides camp with Standing Orders every summer. 

If campers' behavior, mental or physical state develop into a condition requiring an abnormal amount of 1 on 1 care, dismissal may be required. 



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