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Camp Jordan in the News!

Dave Orca and I LOVE to talk about camp.

During camp all your counselors, and the camp directors live and breath camp for 9 weeks straight. Through staff training, Camp Hope, Sleep Away Camp, Adventure Seekers trips, and Leaders School all we think about is camp. And then, in mid-August, something terrible happens...


Camp might end but that does not mean we stop thinking about camp and talking about camp and dreaming about camp and plotting awesome new things to do at camp. In fact we like talking about camp so much that sometimes we get tired of talking to each other about camp, so we talk to families and friends and strangers in the mall and the mail man and the Camp dog,

Eventually all those people are tired of hearing from us too, luckily its spring time when that happens so we have new and better people to talk to, you (expect a phone call from us soon) and the news.

The news loves to hear from us because like you they realize that Camp Jordan is an amazing place! This week you can hear from us twice! Check out the above clip, its got Orca and Diane Dickerson sharing the Camp Magic on WABI TV5.

Tomorrow we will be going live from the Townsquare Media radio studios, if you're in Bangor tune into 107.3 106.5 or 95.7 at 8am to hear us (you guessed it) talking about how much we love camp! If your not in the area or can't get to a radio we will be going live on Facebook at 8am!

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