The Jordan Journal - Session 2

July 21, 2017


 The Jordan Journal

Session 2




NATURE — “This week in Nature Classes, campers participated in adventurous classes such as Raft-building and Fire 101. In Raft-Building, kids use branches, twigs, and other plant life to design and create water crafts, which they later test upon the waters of Branch Lake. In Fire 101, campers are taught fire-building skills and techniques which they are able to put to work in their own cabin’s camping trip.” - Maggie M.


SPORTS — “The sports field was busy this week with classes such as Dodgeball, Soccer, Basketball, and Field Sports. On the first day of Dodgeball, we played only one game that was never-ending and ended up lasting the entire first period! The game lasted the full hour and even after all that time, no one was declared the winner.” - Maggie M.


ARTS & CRAFTS — “This week in Connor’s Nuble, classes such as Candle-Making, Nature Art, Video, and Newspaper were offered. In only the first two days of Candle-Making, the class made a whopping sixteen candles! Nature Art made dream catchers, painted bark and rocks, and used up every single glitter bottle in the process. This week, there is no bracelet making class because Daze threw all of the string away since it had formed into a big tangled mess. There is more on the way, though!” - Emily L.

WATERFRONT — “Tuukka, the waterfront director, has many classes to offer this week. The classes include Sailing, Adventure Swim, Paddle Boarding, and Tubing. On the first day of Sailing, the class learned all about the parts of the sailboat, and how to flip a sailboat. Adventure Swim has learned all the swim strokes and they set a goal to swim to Flat Rock, Pine Point, and even the Cow and the Calf, which is a mile away from camp! In Tubing, Tie-Dye and Nux take the party boat into the middle of Branch Lake and take a group of kids tubing during periods one and two. In Paddle Boarding, the campers learned how to operate the paddle board and even do a few tricks.” - Barbara M.


First Word

of the Week


Simba gave an inspirational First Word at Chapel this week about how it’s hard to be happy 100% of the time, but if you can strive to be happy 51% of the time, you're doing better than most people. For his thoughtful and motivational input, The Jordan Journal team is honoring his speech as Chapel of the Week. Hands down to you, Simba.


The Grove COMICS


By Maggie M.









Opening Campfire


     Daze, Paddles, Nux, and Tuukka lead the campfire with enthusiasm and silliness. During the buffalo skit, Salad lost his ring while performing a mind-blowing impersonation of a buffalo, alongside Jojo and Iffy: but don't you fret, and don't you fear, salad’s ring was found!

     Campers were introduced to the sign of the buffalo, the four core values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Caring, The Cool Disease, the meaning of Camp Magic, and taps.



 Name That Tune


     Campers and staff dressed in their best holiday attire and all cabins participated in a long game of Name That Tune, which was followed by a quick game of Bring the Thing which Orca used to drain the campers of their remaining energy before bed.



Jordanstock / Capture the Flag


     Wednesday evening, everyone gathered at Bennett Field to enjoy a cookout and awesome music while playing a variety of group sports. After the cookout, Four teams represented holidays in Capture the Flag: Cannon brook, Pemetic, and Gorham wore yellow/white to represent Easter, Square and Ladder wore blue to represent New Years with Cadillac as team captain, Beehive and Triangle wore green to represent Christmas, and Bubble Rock, Norumbega, and Sluiceway dressed in red also to represent Christmas.



The Dance


     Campers and staff wore silly and pretty outfits to dance the night away in Triangle Lodge to celebrate all holidays! When they were not dancing campers took to the grove to enjoy a campfire, play card games, play a game of Kubb, pick some blueberries, and watch the festivities.



Closing Campfire / Slideshow

     To end an amazing session two at Camp Jordan, campers and staff gathered at the Fire Circle to sing songs, tell tales of Purple Stew, and receive awards for their classes during the week. An awesome slideshow was shown in the Dining Hall after the fire for everyone to reflect on their week while enjoying s’mores.





Thanks for a great

Session Two!


 “My friends,

I will remember you,

 think of you,

and I’ll pray for you.

And when another day is through,

I’ll still be friends with you.


My friends,

I will remember you,

 think of you,

and I’ll pray for you.

And when another day is through,

I’ll still be friends with you.


Day is done,

gone the sun,

from the lakes,

from the hills,

from the sky.

All is well,

safely rest,

God is Nye.”



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